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Unique Advantages 

What makes us more attractable to foreigners is our Arabic real practice program. This program works in line with the daily study program. It is the practicing of day-to-day Arabic speaking and revision of the daily course outline with other Jordanian students living in your same dormitory. This helps a lot in achieving a high rate of study progress and meeting your optimistic targets very quickly.


Durra Center Philosophy

The word “Durra” in Arabic means the huge magnificent pearl or jewel. This word “Durra” is used to refer to the great jewel on top of the crown, It refers us to Prophet Mohammad “Peace Be Upon Him” and his miracles; “Quran” on top of them, one of Quran’s miracles is its great and rich Arabic language. You can read the meanings of the Arabic verses in Quran in any other languages, but you have to read the verses themselves in Arabic to discover the rich and rhetoric meanings Arabic language can provide.

This is the philosophy of Durra Center; “keep it rich”; the language.

We teach Arabic to foreigners entering Arabic universities, consulate officers, business men and women, researchers, people of young and old ages, and any other people who are interested in learning Arabic; whether it is a classical Arabic or modern Arabic.


Why Jordan?

The Jordanian dialect is among the closest to Classical Arabic “fusha”, making it easier for the foreigner to learn the most correct Arabic language and deal with most of the well-educated instructors. Having this advantage in the Jordanian society makes it better for any foreigner to Practice Arabic in Jordan than any other Arab country.

No need to mention the political stability and security, in addition to free moving everywhere and feeling you are in your second country.

Good and normal weather conditions all over the year during the four seasons.

In case your Survival Arabic did not help you, English is a second language for many residents in Amman.

Jordan has a rich Arab, Islamic, and Romanian heritage, and the natural hospitality of the Jordanian people will be the source of many endearing memories.


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